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Importance of Different Zodiac Signs in Your First House of Horoscope

Feb. 25, 2021

The First House in a horoscope is considered to be one of the most important houses as it represents the body, its form, complexion, personality an...

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What is the effect of Lunar Eclipse 2020 on you?

Nov. 30, 2020

This year the lunar eclipse of 30th November’2020 is different as the Moon and the Sun are in the Rahu/Ketu axis. Due to this, the...

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Everything You Need to Know About Astrology

Oct. 2, 2020

‘One Hope’ of the world is philosophy and other Astrology- for most of the sorrows the modern life or society is gripped in. No individ...

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Obstacles and the way forward in this corona road block

Aug. 20, 2020

Needless to say we all are facing the repercussions of the current pandemic. It has slowed down businesses and started an economic recession which ...

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Shravan Mass 2020

July 4, 2020

ॐ नमः शिवाय

Shravan month - 6th July 2020 to 3rd August 2020 (North India)

In the month of Shravan, Lord Shi...

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Surya Grahan June 2020

June 10, 2020

On June 21, Sunday the first annular solar eclipse of the year will be seen in India. The time of the Grahan is from 10.20...

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This “Prashnavali” has been taken from “Ramcharitmanas”, a condensed form of our Maha Granth Ramayana penned by Shri Tulsidas.

The unique feature of this Prashnavali is that it can answer your question.

You just need to concentrate on Lord Rama and think of a question uppermost in your mind.

Now click anywhere on the grid without looking and you will be guided to a couplet.

This couplet will have an incident attached to it which will answer your question.

Done with complete faith it will answer your question in the form of a positive yes or a negative no.

It’s very very sacred so do not treat it as a game or ask irrelevant frivolous questions.

Only use it to ask one question per day.


सु प्र बि हो मु सु नु बि धि
रु सि सि रहि बस हि मं अं
सुज सो सु कु धा बे नो
त्य कु जो रि की हो सं रा
पु सु सी जे सं रे हो नि
हुँ चि हिं तु
का मि मी म्हा जा हू हीं
ता रा रे री हृ का खा जू रा पू
नि को जो गो मु जि ने मनि
हि रा मि रि न्मू खि जि
सि नु को मि निज र्क धु सु का
गु रि नि ती का
ना पु तु नु वै
सि हुँ सु म्ह रा
ला धी री हू ही खा जू रा रे

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