How does the birth of a baby affect your horoscope?

Aug. 1, 2018

By Annu Sachdeva

How does the birth of a baby affect your horoscope?

After marriage a couple wants to have children, as that is the logical step in this union. Two things happen now, we may have ‘Santaan Sukh” but not “Santaan se Sukh”. So you can say that just having a child does not necessarily give us happiness. Some people’s children are a source of joy while others give pain and trouble. In this too if you have more than one child, a distinction can be done between them as who would give more care to parents. The reason for this is that our children are connected to us from our past birth, they come to equal the karmic burden or joy as the case maybe in this life. This is clearly reflected in our individual charts and we get a fair idea of what to expect from our children. Astrology is an important tool to plan our life keeping in mind all that can happen in our life. Just understanding our life path can help us stay on course and improve our quality of life. We can also guide our children about their strength and weaknesses and help them tide over their rough patches. We all need to look after our parents and take care of them. This basic trait of good behaviour with parents will give us children who having seen our samskars can imbibe the same quality of respect and love towards us in our old age. Karmic patterns can only be broken by showing love in the face of animosity as an eye for an eye pattern can bring more pain and suffering. Kundli analysis gives us a big overview of what will happen in our life and also gives us remedies through prayers and charity. Though our destiny does not change completely with remedies it does reduce the negative impact and gives us strength to cope with our miseries in bad times and increases the positives in good times. To know more, you can mail at or whatsapp me at +91-9313103339.

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