Astrological Yearly Prediction 2019

Dec. 27, 2018

By Annu Sachdeva

New Year predictions based on your Moon sign.

Aries - Hold on to your thoughts as they tend to go negative and disturb your peace of mind. If married your kids will do well in studies, if single then a good year to go for higher studies. Love life is good but moderation is needed so that things don’t get out of hand. Give a breathing space to your partner. For professional success extreme hard work is required which may result in a windfall by the end of the year. Watch out for health as you tend to waste your energy on things not important.

Taurus - A year of hard work with little return is indicated as competition is high and your energy not too high. Taureans are having a personal fight on for their identity and the correct life path to be taken, it is giving them mental anguish of the highest kind. Income continues to flow in but you don’t seem to be very happy. Spending is high on wasteful things and on your love interest or spouse. You may visit places of worship and feel calm there. It is not a good year to buy property. But towards the end of year things will start to look up and the current phase will not be repeated till another 30 years.

Gemini - Your competitive spirit is high this year, making you a good worker and a manager par excellence. But in the process of doing well, keep your speech soft as you may cut people with your tongue. You don’t want to lose your supporters when a low phase occurs, so a balance is needed. Your love life is rocking but try to be loyal as it may backfire, though the temptation is too high. Your children will do well in life this year but concentration is to be maintained in their relevant fields. End of the year gives a fresh spurt of energy but hold on to your assets, money and relationship so that no loss comes about.

Cancer - Your decision making ability is under a cloud this year. Take advice from your well-wishers on important issues to safeguard your interests. You have your heart set on a new vehicle this year, go right ahead but make the right choice. You may want to read religious books and may attain mantra siddhi. Your understanding of any knowledge based study is excellent this year. Don’t put your hard earned money at risk in any risky ventures as the payment can be delayed or may result in litigation. This year your spouse is not completely in sync with you, so practice patience otherwise things may get argumentative or out of control in this arena.

Leo - A year of short journeys and wasteful expenditure is indicated for Leo natives. Wealth is good this year but don’t invest in shady deals which look lucrative superficially. Spouse support is good for you so don’t be harsh on them. This will be good for your kids as well.Anyone aspiring for higher education may be losing their focus. Pay attention to children’s study too. Praying to your Ishta Devta is good for rectifying this problem. Watch out for sudden injuries or surgical procedures. Drive carefully as a vehicular accident is not ruled out.

Virgo - A year of sustained hard work which would fructify by the year end. Excellent dhan yoga is seen which may increase your income manifold. But buying property is not a good idea this year as losses are indicated in this area. Try to manage your anger on issues not under your control. You will be tempted to earn money through unscrupulous means but remember clean money is always better. Spouse may have anger issues but no real harm done as protection is there. Prayers to your Ishta Devta would be very beneficial.

Libra - A flirty year awaits you but a little moderation is required for mental peace. You are ambitious this year and want to make a success of your profession. You have the energy to do this but keep your partner too in your thoughts to avoid friction. If married, watch over your kids for unruly behaviour otherwise they may be punished by people in authority. This year do not lend money to your relatives as this may spoil relations, as this money is not coming back soon. Income may be delayed at times so keep your earned wealth safe and handy.

Scorpio - A good year for finance is indicated for scorpions. Lots of potential for making money is there but try not to do impulsive shopping. In the work arena keeping a balance between the boss and your subordinates. It is necessary for success. Your father may purchase a property this year. Good energy to move forward this year in terms of all kinds of gains is there. Let your mind not dwell on unnecessary thoughts instead use it for positive reaffirmations and positive gains. Do pray to your Ishta Devta for peace.

Sagittarius - Don’t waste your precious energy on trying to sort out multiple issues in your life, as the time is not yet right. Instead try to concentrate on work at hand and work tirelessly towards improving your work quality. Things will improve dramatically by mid-year, so just stay calm. Don’t sell or buy property this year as it may give losses. Income is regular but in case it is delayed pray to your Ishta Devta for relief.

Capricorn - Depletion of energy and resources is seen. Safeguard your health and wealth from unforeseen losses. Profession is stable but income may fluctuate at times, resulting in delayed payments. Expenses are high and income may not match up giving stress leading to bad health. But keep putting in your best efforts for work for better results. Your spouse is not in sync with your thoughts this year adding to your stress. Children need to put in more efforts this year to clear competition. Pray to your Ishta Devta for relief.

Aquarius - A year of material gains is seen with excellent results in partnership ventures. Money will flow in easily culminating in increasing your assets. Going to places of worship is on the cards but plan in advance to avoid glitches. Charity too is on the agenda this year. Work with a clean conscious, otherwise you may have a run in with the authorities. Children are competitive this year and will do well professionally if working.

Pisces - A blessed year awaits you all good Piscean souls. Money would flow in easily but don’t let your energy go low lest your quality of work suffers. If consistent good work is maintained then even a windfall may occur this year. Keep your sub conscious thoughts under control lest they turn negative and lower your good energy.

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