Why was it inevitable for Modi to come back ?

May 26, 2019

By Malavika Sacchdeva

Why was it inevitable for Modi to come back ?

As the whole country celebrates the unprecedented victory of Shri. Narendra Modi in the 17 th Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi, here are some astrological reasons why nobody could even come close to him in terms of elections.

Narendra Modi was born on 17 th September’1950 at 12:09 pm in Vadnagar, Gujarat. He was born in the Maha Dasha of Saturn and an Antar Dasha of Venus. Born in a Gujarati family, Modi helped his father sell tea as a child. He was introduced to RSS at a very young age and in 1971, he became a full-time worker for the same.  Modi rose steadily in the organization hierarchy and later joined BJP and held several positions within the party hierarchy before becoming the Prime Minister in 2014. A look back at his life reveals he had the makings of a great leader. His dedication, hard work, tenacity, and sheer strategic thinking made one of the strongest leaders in the world.

Astrologically, we would be considering three main Dashas (Vimshottari, Yogini and Chara) in order to see whether all these Dashas are indicating the same result. We would also be applying the transit to confirm the same.

One can have a promise in the birth chart but if Dasha and Transit don’t favour then one cannot achieve what he wants to achieve. At the time of birth, the position of planets is noted. This fixing of the planet at the time of birth carries some promises which are inherent in it. This is our birth chart or natal chart which shows our life path by way of dashas and transit of planets in real time. In other words, changes bought out by time in planetary positions give rise to the fructification of inherent promises by planets in accordance with the Dasha that is operating at that time.

Vimshottari Dasha

Currently, Modi is running the Vimshottari Maha Dasha of Moon and an Antar Dasha of Venus. Moon is the 9th Lord of bhagya situated in Lagan with Mars - the Lagan lord and 6 th Lord of competition. Moon and Mars in the Lagan form the Chandra Mangal yoga which
helps the native to become successful, get name, fame and authority.

The Antar Dasha Venus is the 7 Th lord and 12 th Lord situated in the 10 th house of profession with Saturn (significator of profession). From the 10 th house Venus aspects the fourth house of throne (Singhasan). The 7 th house hold much importance as it is the bhavat bhavam(4 th from 4 th house and 10 th from 10 th house) of 4 th as well as 10 th house of profession. Saturn which is the karak for profession aspects the 4 th house, 7 th house as well as the 12 th house. When both Saturn and Venus aspects the fourth house from 10 th house forms a kusum yoga which is a good yoga to attain powerful position.

To check whether the person will become a leader of the nation, we give lot of consideration to the 4 th house as it is the house of throne (Singhasan). In the natal (birth) chart of Narendra Modi, we see that Jupiter is placed in the 4 th house. In astrology, Jupiter is
considered as the most benefic planet and helps the native from any kind of troubles if it is well placed in the horoscope. Jupiter placed in the 4 th house protects the house and from there it aspects the 10 th house of profession which gives strength to the profession. 10 th house lord Sun is situated in the 11 th house of gains with exalted Mercury which also forms the Buddh Aditya Yoga. This yoga blesses the native with intelligence, sharp mind, good analytical skills, and good reputation. It also helps the native become a leader.

After seeing the combination in D1, we look at D9. Modi has a Vargottam lagan which means the lagan of D1 is same as the lagan of D9. Vargottam lagan makes the person very strong and determined in his goals. In D9, Lagan lord Mars is placed in 9 th house of bhagya and the 9 th lord moon is situated in 11 th house of gains. Jupiter (2L and 5L) is placed in lagan and aspects 5 th house, 7 th house and 9 th house. As we know 7 th house is one of the most important houses for the native to gain power, Jupiter helps protect this house. 7 th lord is placed in the 10 th house of profession and karma.

4 th lord Saturn as well as 7 th lord Venus are aspecting the 4 th house, hence giving strength to that house. Saturn and Rahu/ ketu in the 4-10 axis indicates the influence of people in getting that power. In a democratic country, people play a very important role in selecting their leader. Here, people of India chose Narendra Modi to be their leader.

Yogini Dasha:

In his Yogini Dasha, Maha Dasha Jupiter and Antar Dasha Venus are running. Both the dashas are favourable to Narendra Modi. Jupiter is the Dhanya Dasha and Venus is the Siddha Dasha, both these Dashas gives the good result for the profession and throne. Both Jupiter and Venus are aspecting each other while situated in the 4-10 axis. Dhanya Dasha is considered auspicious as it prepares the native to think wisely before taking any important decisions in life. He is able to handle his sufferings and troubles wisely. In this Dasha, the native is able to achieve good results even in next to impossible situations. Siddha Dasha is also an auspicious Dasha as the native feel happy during this period and achieves whatever he aims for.

Chara Dasha

Chara Dasha is seen to confirm the prediction done based on the Vimshottari Dasha. Currently, Narendra Modi is running Aquarius Maha Dasha and Libra Antar Dasha. When we look at the profession we give AMK the highest importance as it decides the fate of one’s profession. AK and AMK when associated with each other form Raj yoga. Here in the natal chart of Narendra Modi AK is Saturn, AMK is Venus and is aspecting the Libra which is the running Antar Dasha. This shows that the result had to come in his favour.


On 23 rd May 2019, 2 nd lord and 5 th lord Jupiter was in the first house of Modi. Jupiter was aspecting the 5 th house, 7 th house (bhavat bhavam of the profession and the seat of power). Saturn, the 3 rd house and 4 th house lord was aspecting its own house (4 th house and 11 th house of gains). In transit when Saturn aspects its own house (4 th house), it protects the house. The 10 th house lord Sun was situated in the 7 th house which plays a major role in getting the seat of power. 7 th house also had mercury which is the 11 th house lord (house of gains).

Mars, the lagan lord and 6 th lord of competition was placed in 8 th house forming the Vipreet Raj yoga. Vipreet Raj yoga is not an ordinary yoga. It is one of the most powerful yogas as it helps the native to come out of troubles with flying colours in adverse circumstances. In other words, it benefits the native from misfortune and rises from adversities. Narendra Modi’s path during elections was not easy and nobody knew that his party BJP would win with a super-sized number of 353 seats out of 542 Lok Sabha seats. After, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indra Gandhi, Modi became the third Prime Minister of India who retained power for the second term with full majority in Lok Sabha. Mars is one planet which does not get defeated and as the lord of the 6 th house of competition and adversities, the native faced obstacles but in the end, helped him defeat the opposition in the election. 6 th lord Mars also makes the native highly resistant and gives the native a great amount of hope even if he is going through a lot of struggles. This yoga in transit indicates good times are near. Mars was placed with Rahu and aspected by Saturn (masses) and Ketu. So, with the help of people, he
won the elections.

Modi enjoys a positive reputation worldwide. His biggest image-building weapon is his persistence, hardworking nature, tolerance and keenness to help others. The planetary positions are in favour of Modi and in the coming years, we will see progress in India as
never before.

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