Soul Chakra

Aug. 8, 2018

By Annu Sachdeva

Soul Chakra

This is the second Chakra situated between the navel and base of the spine. Its Sanskrit name is Svadhishthana (abode of the self). This is where we connect with our soul and receive her guidance. It is our gut feeling where we get warnings about someone or a situation like, ‘don’t go there it’s not safe’, or ‘don’t do this right now’, etc. Usually these warning signals are quite accurate for people with high spiritual quotient. If we have more ego these readings are less clear.

Our soul retains its ancient memory through different life births, as it has to follow the divine pattern. But sometimes on the way the soul forget its original mission and other souls impose on our life plan. This chakra helps us recapture the original plan and identity of our soul. The more we are closer to our mission the more fulfilling it is for our authentic self.

The soul is really free when it follows its original path of liberation and can express freely. If other strong entities impose their plans on us we end up chasing their dreams and feel unhappy, this is when this chakra gets blocked and we feel unfulfilled. Our real challenge comes from understanding our divine nature and following the path laid down for us. We all have our dark sides and this ‘evil urge’ inside us can unexpectedly come out when we least expect it. Mahatma Gandhi ones said, ‘I have only three enemies. My favourite enemy, the most easily influenced for the better is the British Empire. My second enemy, the Indian people, is far more difficult. But my most formidable opponent is a man named Mohandas K. Gandhi. With him I seem to have very little influence’.

We mould ourselves in what people expect from us and live in a false ego of the self. To come to the real us we need to peel away the masks from our soul and discover our real self. This includes unhappiness or pain experienced by us where we were wounded. This pain can be felt physically, emotionally and also in our soul and to alleviate this pain, our soul develops certain defence mechanisms that can adversely affect our subsequent relationships and create a blockage in our chakra.

We can heal ourselves by being true to ourselves and by applying spiritual methods like prayers, mantras and meditation. Along with this psychological help can too be availed for deep soul healing. When we allow our chakra to rotate freely we feel happy in our creativity and are not boxed down in our circumstances. When our soul frees itself from old patterns by forgiving itself and others it heals itself. This forgiving gesture breaks the bond between us and the people who hurt us freeing us from that bond.

Conclusion- Live a life free of ego and false pretence. Elevate your spiritual quotient and break from negative bonds. This will free you and make you feel happy and healthy.

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