Love, relationship and karma

May 17, 2017

By Annu Sachdeva

According to Gita, we are all souls trapped in karmic bodies. We take birth again and again till we get freedom from rebirth. What is Karma? How do we attach other souls to us karmically? Mostly it is through our relationships with different soul in former lives coming over in this life to equal the karmic balance. The earlier you understand this the better it is for you. Other than this you should look for the following in the matters of heart.

The first thing that attracts us in a potential mate is the looks. So never undermine the attractiveness and the physical appearance of a person.

Intelligence is reflected on the face, look for someone with integrity and brains.

The body language reflects the thoughts of a person, if they are genuine they would look straight in your eyes and speak from the heart.

Your body senses the energies of people around you, so always go with what the intuition says about a person. It’s as simple as you just liking someone instantly, whether looks wise or energy wise.

Apart from these basic traits, a person should also have knowledge of their own birth chart to know whether your relationship stars are good. Otherwise you will be left broken hearted in your love matters. In this era of kalyug, it’s neither safe nor advisable to get reckless with your heart. Everything comes at the right time and this is where astrology can be super helpful.

Know your birth charts to understand the karmic reason for these encounters. Nothing is by chance here, understand the reason why someone has come in your life. Ideally it is better to first finish your studies and become financially independent before you start looking for love. That way there are less chances of losing the love of your life and you can take your own decision with responsibility. But life is so unpredictable and we can’t seem to have control over whom we start caring for, so stop and think and get your chart analysed before getting hurt.

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