How astrology can help you decide your education?

Aug. 1, 2018

By Annu Sachdeva

How astrology can help you decide your education?

As soon as our children are born all of us have a bigger worry. When and where to start their education? It is a task in today’s world of competition as we fear for their future. Astrology can help us in selecting the right subjects at an early age to correlate it to their profession. Our janam kundli speaks volumes about every aspect of our life including education. If we know the stream of subjects which are best suited for them, we can improve their concentration and focus on what is best for them. Planets have control on our education as they show our education and career path clearly. Children face lots of pressure to excel and get good marks. Education astrology can help us choose the right subjects and also the right time for appearing in competitive exams so the chance of success is more. This way less energy would be lost on irrelevant subjects and academically our children would do better. The other way to improve is to do specific chants for education. The mantra can be written and put on the desk of the child. If the child is old enough he/she can recite it 11 times. This will ensure a higher academic ranking and hence make the child more confident. A confident child radiates positivity and parents are less worried about his future. From the janam kundli we can tell whether a child is to be an engineer or a doctor. Nowadays there are so many professions but they can easily be categorised by the stream a child chooses. Humanities, commerce and science stream are broad categories. The point is, if one has to be in marketing line why does he have to study science or accounting. Not only can it be easily told what is best suited for a child, it can easily be seen whether a child will do business or service. So many things clear from the beginning go a long way in planning life systematically for our children. A new trend is to send children abroad for further studies. What is the right time to do so? Will it be fruitful for him/her and will he/she be safe there? Is it the time right for studies or would they waste their time and energy? All these questions and many more can be answered astrologically with accuracy with birth kundli. So take a calculated decision rather than an emotional one where the education for our children is concerned. To know more, you can mail at or whatsapp me at +91-9313103339.

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