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Introduction to Astrology

Astrology is the most accurate predictive science in the world today. The reason for this is that it has come directly from Lord Brahma,One of our Trinities (Brahma Vishnu Mahesh) who passed it on to Narada Muni . He in turn gave this knowledge to Shaunaka and other rishis. Maharishi Parashar acquired this knowledge from these rishis. His book Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra is the father of all astrology books written till date.

This knowledge has come directly from God and has been passed down the ages from a Guru to his Shishya. That is the reason why it cannot be acquired just by reading books on the subject. The correct way to learn it is in a classroom setting with a Guru who has knowledge of all the branches of astrology.

Shri K.N. Rao is my Guru and mentor , he is the best astrologer in the world today with deep knowledge on all the nuances of astrology. He has dedicated his life to astrology and in spreading this knowledge in a systematic way with his chosen faculty members to the educated class in the heart of Delhi. The reason for this is that Astrology gets the respect it deserves and no astrologer should unnecessarily scare people and make this a superstitious science.

Future holds a mystery for us and everyone wants to know what will happen tomorrow. We all have faced some dilemma or the other in making a decision over something. Astrology on its own can give accurate answers, that too with dates and time.

What is the use of Astrology in today’s world?

It helps in doing future planning for any important event like education, profession , marriage ,children and health etc.

From birth a child upto the age of 12yrs , his/her chart is seen for “Bal Aristha” ie for only health issues. As this is a karmic phase for the soul ,it has to be watched carefully.

The age from 0-4 yrs is the result of the mother’s karmas.

The age between 4-8 years is due to the karma of the father.

From 8-12 years the child is under the influence of his own past life karmas.

If a child survives upto this age then a complete analysis is done for this child,

The samskaras imbedded in a child makes him lead a healthy life since childhood. During school days, his mind will not waver towards the evils predominant in society ie dependency on drugs . romantic escapades and waywardness with complete abandon.

If any such inclination is present in the birth chart then it can be rectified by simple prayers , good deeds, Charity and faith in God. A belief in the Supreme power gives us a reason to live when low phases hit us and thankfulness towards Him when we are happy. Our souls crave for someone Who is always present when we need Him, it could be anyone you believe in.

Education upto school level is mandatory with all subjects. Happy is the person who takes up a profession he loves. An astrologer helps in choosing the right subjects for the right profession.

A guide map to the right path with lean periods told in advance, go a long way in saving you professional distress in the times to come. You can know in advance what is in store and the levels you would reach in your work life.

Marriage is another important milestone where it can be told with accuracy when it would happen and whether it would be a love marriage or an arranged marriage. With marriages going awry nowadays it is of immense concern to find the right match and matching the charts in the right way to do so. Only matching the gunas is passe now as only that does not ensure marital happiness as we need to see the compatibility between the couple in terms of love , finance and children. All these factors are very important so that life passes with comparative ease as we spend more than half our age with our spouse. Such an important decision needs an astrologers help and if there are any gaps then how to fill them with ease.

Invest in spirituality when the going is good so that you can fall back on that when the going gets tough. Our karmas follow us like a calf which can find its mother in a herd. Every act of ours which is done without thinking of any gain is a pure act and converts into good karmas. So any child who obeys his parents and loves them unconditionally is making Saturn happy, who in turn can give him an excellent career and maybe even make him the head of a company. The point is that nothing is wasted here, every thought and act has an equal reaction.

Health is another major factor where astrology can tell which diseases you are susceptible to and what you can do to counter that , much in advance, so that it becomes preventive rather than curative.

Signification of all the 12 houses

First House

This is the ascendant rising in the sky at the time of our birth. We have come into life in a specific sign with the ascendant degree which varies between 0 to 30 degrees. This degree is ruled by a particular nakshatra which governs our pattern in life. Our body and health, character, wisdom, wealth and happiness is decided here. It is also the head , complexion and the texture of hair along with span of life or longevity.

Second House

In this house the first steps of learning starts from the mother. It is the elementary house of education and also your family (Kutumb). It also represents food taste, speech , wealth, Trading in ornaments, acquisition from father, self control and humility. This house also tells about the truthfulness and falsehood of the person. It is the face ,teeth ,tongue , nose and right eye.

Third House

This house shows the courage , physical fitness, hobbies, education , sports and short journeys. This is where the child is in a formal education zone and he discovers new friends, dreams , sorrows and cleverness. It is also the right ear,neck, throat , shoulders, mental instability and longevity.

Fourth House

Here the child finishes his graduation level and becomes aware about his possessions in life . His mother is his biggest teacher and this is the house of the mother. For higher education divine grace is needed and that would be seen in the next house. Here property in terms of lands , houses and vehicles are seen. It is the house of hidden treasures and comforts, both in terms of physical and mental. Chest , lungs , heart and medicine is seen from this house.

Fifth House

This is the house of higher education , knowledge and scholarships. Sharp wisdom, analytical ability and devotion to God . Opposite sex, love , affection and progeny too is seen here. Past life karmas, authorship and knowledge of mantras are also visible here. In medical astrology heart, upper abdomen, liver, gall bladder, mental illness and problems related to pregnancy are seen in this house.

Sixth House

A logical journey after good education is to get into good service and earn a living. This house shows the first income from service. Since it is not easy to find good employers easily it is a house of competition , hurdles , stress and enemies. It shows injuries, accidents, disappointments, thefts and quarrels which may lead to imprisonment. It also is a house of pets, maternal uncles and step mother. Servants , loan , debts and losses too are seen here. Diseases of intestine , TB, poisoning , accidents and operations too are visible here.

Seventh House

This is the house of marriage , spouse and sex partner and also of adultery , lust and passion. It shows the nature and character of spouse, secret love affairs and partnerships in business. Recovery of lost wealth , progress and attainment of status. It also deals with lower urinary track ,semen and sexual acts.

Eighth House

It is the house of longevity, disgrace, defeat but also of suddenness, unexpectedness, misery and sin. It shows the nature and place of death along with unexpected gains, hidden talents and inheritance. Deep research , spiritual pursuit and attainments are also seen here. It is a house where secrets are kept hidden and occult sciences attract a lot. External sexual organs, chronic disease, loss of limb and severe mental anguish is seen from here.

Ninth House

It is the house of karmas of the present birth, pilgrimages, virtuous deeds, Guru and Father. Charity, kindness, vedic rituals , long journeys and overseas travel is seen from this h ouse. It is also a house for children, spiritual initiation, mental quietude and wisdom. This is one of the most pious trikones in a chart . Hips , thighs and nourishment is seen from the 9th house.

Tenth House

This is the house of profession and also our source of livelihood . Government honours nature of work, teaching capability, fathers wealth and well being is seen from this house. How healthy is our work arena and how much will we rise through our chosen work is seen here. In medical astrology it stands for knee joint and knee caps.

Eleventh House

This house shows the gains of the person after doing his karmas. Income, acquisitions, fulfilment of all desires and all kinds of gains are seen from this house . It also shows the elder siblings and since it is 8th from the 4th house, also the longevity of the mother. It is a house of material enjoyments and nature of earning. The body parts represented by this house are legs, left ear, left upper limb and recovery from disease.

Twelfth House

This being the last house in a horoscope brings an end to our life . Here we have to leave all our worldly treasures behind , so this is a house of expenditure and loss of wealth. But it is not a house of death just a symbolic reminder for renunciation, emancipation and distant travel. In todays context it means foreign country or foreign travel. Hospitals, prisons , loss of health , loss of spouse , bed pleasures, fathers property, loss in travel and even Moksha is seen from this house. Medically this house represents sleep disorders, mental imbalance, hospitalisation, feet, left eye and death.

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