How numbers shape your future this year ?

Jan. 31, 2019

By Annu Sachdeva

How numbers shape your future this year ?

Prediction for the new year based on your date, month and current year. For example if you are born on March 10 then 10 +3 (March 3rd month) + 2019(2+0+1+9 =3) = 1+3+3= 7. Their prediction would be number 7 year.

One more example to make it clearer. Take your birth date + birth month+ 2019(current Year)

If you are born on 15th October then it would be 15+10+2019= 1+5+1+0+2+0+1+9= 19= 10=1. So you should read the prediction for number 1.

In this analysis your actual year of birth is not taken into account.


Number 1- This is the birth of a new cycle. You have just come out of the 9th year cycle and have to start anew, shedding the baggage of last 9yrs.

Like a fool in the Tarot Cards, it is the beginning of a new journey. A new cycle awaits you, new outlook, new priorities and new horizons.

It does take time to shake off experience and past energies. But a new life awaits you, so take control of your life but no need to rush as you have full 9 years to complete your journey.


Number 2- Slightly slows you down from lots of happenings of number 1 year. Now the soul looks for a connection.

A partner, a loved one, a relatedness is desired rather than work.

Attachments give you more peace as you feel finding value in everyone around is more important.

You will learn more about yourself through your interaction with others and evolve as a human being.


Number 3- This year takes you on a trip of creativity and action.

You are now putting in practice what you learnt last year and are ready to meet new people to be more communicative.

It’s like learning a new language, you discover your own hidden talents and gain more confidence.

You explore the world to gain and reach out for everything that catches your fancy.


Number 4- Now is the time to be more serious. Everything has to be done with a method, hard work and routine to lay a solid foundation for the future.

You need to follow a life of order and discipline. The laziness or indiscipline of last year has to go.

You should now embrace the new challenges and leave old habits. This is the crucial year for building future success.


Number 5- This year gets you on a travel streak. You want to explore the world or anything that you have been supressing till date. We all make mistakes, it’s okay to do so, as we learn life lessons from these mistakes.

Now that you have your methods in place, your move your attention to anything new or foreign. This excites you and you are more adventurous and confident.

Try to gain positive reinvention or you may get carried away by the forbidden fruit as it is easy to get carried away on confidence and impulses this year.


Number 6- This is the year of finding lasting connections. It is good for productivity and earnings.

With this comes settling down in more ways than one i.e. for some it may be marriage, for others buying a home and for some having babies too.

It may be all of it for some depending on your natal planetary position in your birth chart.

The theme of love is in the air and the desire to be close and affectionate is strong.

Make your partner feel loved and be generous with them along with taking complete responsibility for their happiness.


Number 7- This year is the year of inner journey and reflections.

Mid-life crisis anyone? Falling in love is glorious but we crave for more now.

It’s the perennial seven year itch we all know about. A restlessness, a craving to move out of our comfort zone.

The spell of falling in love is over, in fact our idols are knocked off their pedestals. These things happen in order to develop faith and connection with our inner self.

This real life connection is what will see you through life. You need to accept the silence and retreat for now.


Number 8- The sunshine is back again this year. Life is glorious ones again and it’s time for life on earth.

The flow and the hustle bustle of a busy life puts you back in the game.

Eight (8) is the number of wealth and 8th month august is the time of harvest, so this is the year of monetary gains.

Be successful, develop your power but don’t get too attached to the material things.

You will create your dreams and move upwards in your field, facing all the inadequacies you encounter enroute.


Number 9- This is the last year of this 9 year cycle, a time to end everything and letting things go. It’s like reaching the top of a mountain and coming down at leisure, wiser than before.

It would be nice to let go easily rather than latching on as it increases the pain. We all need to recycle.

The past has to be left behind now so that we can be renewed. Move over to make room for the new.

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