Feb. 13, 2018

By Annu Sachdeva


Every person born in 1930 1942 1954 1966 1978 1990 2002 2014 is a horse in chinese Astrology.

The horse can be productive, talented , sexy and logical. On the other side he can be defiant, condescending, unscrupulous, opportunistic and moody.

Horses love open spaces as they need plenty of room to move. Energetic, fond of travelling and they really  know how to work a budget. They are the nomads of the chinese zodiac moving from one project to the other. It is  their innate desire to fit in which is in contrast to their yearning for independence and freedom.

They also crave love and intimacy but this also is a double edged sword as they feel trapped here too. An impatient streak also leads them to become less sensitive to the need of others, though they are self reliant and extremely hard working too.

Once they find peace within, they will start appreciating what is in their own backyard and stop wandering.

Partners in Love-

Horse & Rat- Not a great partnership as Rats are home birds and Horses love to wander. 

Horse & Ox- You both can work as business partners but are lousy as lovers. Not advised.

Horse & Tiger- Both of you are outgoing and share the same passions. A happy union is expected.

Horse & Rabbit-You may differ on few things but love each others company. So you can think about it.

Horse & Dragon- Sexually you have met your match in each other. Happiness quotient is high. Go for it...

Horse & Snake- Nothing in common here, totally different mindset. Forget about it.

Horse & Horse- Two opinionated individuals with strong personalities can end only in clashes. Avoid if you can.

Horse & Sheep-Love at first sight will lead to lifelong love. Go for it with full energy.

Horse & Monkey- You both are better off as friends than lovers.

Horse & Rooster- You may have a great relationship inspite of few differences. It may work very well.

Horse & Dog- A very successful relationship on the horizon as both of you understand each other.

Horse & Pig- Both of you are laidback in day to day life, so who will ensure smooth running of things. So think again.

Famous people born as Horse-

Sean Connery

Cindy Crawford

Clint Eastwood

Harrison Ford

Janet Jackson

Paul Mc Cartney

John Travolta

Success tips for the Horse-

Horses move at a fast pace and at times abandon the old in quest of the new. The new tempatation can lead him away from sure success in the things left behind. A horse needs to think and plan ahead for life to become more purposeful and avoid mistakes.

You put your point across very well but do not listen to how others respond to it. You need to pay attention to others too as you may reap some wisdom from others.

Your ideas are great but you are not a good executioner. So take the help of others in making your ideas a success.

Dont lose heart in the middle of a project as it may crumble due to your non persistence. Follow till the end what you started, have more faith in yourself.

Wait for the results and dont jump the gun. You have the potential to be highly successful only if you have the patience.

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