Feb. 20, 2018

By Annu Sachdeva

People born in the year 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005 2017 are Roosters in chinese Astrology.

They are loyal, enthusiastic, hard working, well dressed and generous. Roosters are known for their accuracy and observation power. They like to be noticed and flattered. 

They like to dream and often get disappointed, for the reality rarely matches the dream. But inspite of this they remain very positive and practical.

On the negative side they can be cranky, fussy , blindly egotistical, over zealous and quixotic as hell.

Roosters are the peacocks of the chinese zodiac. They are on to everything around them as they  seem to have eyes in the back of their heads.But they are very open about their feelings and always tell the truth. They always honour their promise and are very faithful to the people they love.

Partners in Love-

Rooster & Rat- You would fight more than you would love. Stay away.

Rooster & Ox- You both match sexually and love each other passionately. Good match.

Rooster & Tiger- Not a good match at all as you both are strong willed.

Rooster & Rabbit- Completely anti each other. Dont even think about it. You dont attract each other.

Rooster & Dragon- Your ego will clash and take the passion out of your union. Need a lot of balancing act.

Rooster & Snake- Great pair!!! Go for it fully.

Rooster & Horse- You both get along well except where leadership is concerned. So think about it.

Rooster & Sheep- Not a good match as you would fight a lot.

Rooster & Monkey- Not very attracted physically which can make for a difficult romance. Tough but workable.

Rooster & Rooster-You both are very egotistical. There is not enough room for both heads.

Rooster & Dog- There is not much in common . It could become very dull eventually.

Rooster & Pig- The pig is patient. It can work....

Famous people born under this sign-

Barbara Taylor Bradford

Micheal Caine

Eric Clapton

Goldie Hawn

Steve Martin

Will Smith 

Joan Collins

Success tips for the Rooster-

You are a good worker but at times tend to worry about small things leading the main project to go awry. Always keep the end result in mind.

In todays world things are changing fast, so learn to be more flexible to progress well.

Roosters make grand plans but sometimes it is better to take informed advice for things to move smoothly. By being forthcoming, you can gain from the input of others and win support for your objectives.

The Rooster is frank and open but sometimes you need to hold your tongue as anything uttered ones cannot be retraced. It may harm your interest.

Roosters are very conscientious and set themselves high standards, thus becoming tense and highly strung. Learn to unwind and relax with things that make you happy. Certain physical activities like swimming , gardening, walking and yoga are good for you.


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