Feb. 25, 2018

By Annu Sachdeva


Everyone born in 1935 1947 1959 1971 1983 1995 2007 2019 are Pigs.

All pigs are three 'S' - Sensible,Sensual & Sensitive. They are sweetly naive, caring, charitable and virtuous. Pigs are talented, candid, self sacrificing and graciously hospitable.

On the negative side they can be hot tempered, snobbish, authoritarian, stingy and mad at the world.

Pigs are the last animal sign in Chinese Astrology and are known for their purity, sincerity and tolerance. They like to give, yield and serve and are very very good companions. They are also most compatible with all the other signs unlike others. They have so much perfection in them that they seem snobbish at times but Pigs dont consider themselves  superior, they just want to be with the best. These generous souls take great care of their friends and family and are the happiest when they see them happy. 

Helping others is a true pleasure for these kind souls. They are also highly intelligent creatures with sparkling reputation. They also adore food & drinks and all things good.

Partners In Love-

Pig & Rat- You two make excellent partners in love. You will have fun spending a lot of money together.

Pig & Ox-Your physical compatibility is excellent but need to work on the mental compatibilty to make it work.

Pig & Tiger-You share an amazing rapport and trust with each other.

Pig & Rabbit- An awesome companionship, very affectionate and caring.

pig & Dragon- Most Dragon and Pig marriges last forever as both of you are loving and warm.

Pig & Snake- This is not a stable union as you both have nothing in common.

Pig & Horse- Both of you are easygoing so who will manage the finances. Its better to stay away.

Pig & Sheep- Trust and honesty makes this a winning combination. One of the best love partnerships ever.

Pig & Monkey- This could work as you both admire each other. Sexual pairing increases with disagreement  on few things.

Pig & Rooster- Pig has a lot of patience with constant Rooster chatter. This may work if you put in efforts.

Pig & Dog- Very stable and supportive but bland as not much fire in passion.

Pig & Pig- You hit it off in the beginning but it fades with time. 

Famous persons born in the Pig year are-

Bryan Adams

Woody Allen

Julie Andrews

Richard Attenborough

Lucille Ball

Ernest Hemingway

Alfred Hitchcock

Elton John

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Steven Speilberg

Emma Thompson

Success tips for Pigs-

You have great abilities but rarely work to your full potential. Pigs should work on their skills and qualifications which will come in handy in the near future. You need to set objectives and work systematically towards achieving them.

Pigs needs to be more assertive in their work area otherwise may lose to competition. Your presentation has to be good with lots of determination behind it 

Luck is on your side where earning money is concerned but use prudence in spending it on impulse. Buy planned things so that its worthwhile in the long run.

Pigs have a lot of zeal for good things in life, but you need to take good care of yourself as you are lazy in normal life. So take up exercise so that you do not put on weight.

This ends a general introduction to all the animal in Chinese Astrology. Watch this space for a yearly prediction of all the signs soon....




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