A person ruled by Sun has a medium stature, red eyes, scanty hair, impressive voice, dark red complexion and strong bones.

It owns the sign Leo and is the king of all planets. It is Sattvik planet i.e. good and noble in nature. In our body, it is the soul. It is also government and favour of bosses. Sun is also our father, enthusiasm, valour and enlightenment. It is a luminary so it stands for our eyesight too. It is also mental purity, knowledge and openness. Sun rules over copper.

If Sun is strong it gives victory over enemies, high status in government, health and wealth. On the contrary, if it is weak it gives unhappiness, obstacles, aimless travelling, separation from family and displeasure from the government.

Diseases – Sun gives headaches, heart disease, chest ache, weak eyesight and stomach ache.

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