What is the effect of Lunar Eclipse 2020 on you?

Nov. 30, 2020

By Annu Sachdeva

What is the effect of Lunar Eclipse 2020 on you?

This year the lunar eclipse of 30th November’2020 is different as the Moon and the Sun are in the Rahu/Ketu axis. Due to this, the overall energy of people is low and fearful. In this blog, we have taken the moon sign though the effect of an eclipse will vary according to your natal birth chart.

-Take care of your health & wealth as expenses seem to be on the rise.
-Money inflow may be constrained.
-Keep your speech under control to avoid financial & emotional losses.
-Listen to Aditya Hridya Stotram for protection.

-Hard work done now will reap good results.
-Keep yourself positive as good times will roll in.
-Learn to imbibe new ideas or thoughts to get new avenues for growth.
-Listen to Vishnu Sahastranam for peace and prosperity.

-Don’t waste your energy on negative thoughts or useless work.
-Work with future vision as you have the ability to get success.
-Do not make any big investments for the next 3 months.
-Listen to Sapt Shloki Durga for success.

-If married, your children are under focus and you need to check their thought process.
-If unmarried, higher education and income are your areas of concern.
-Stay focussed on your professional goals as good things are around the corner.
-Listen to Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach for a sharp mind.

-Don’t take any major decisions as the planets are not favourable.
-Health of spouse is weak, so keep your speech under control.
-Don’t trust new avenues of income blindly. Do due diligence as speed is not the correct way forward right now.
-Listen to Vishnu Sahastranam for calm energies.

-Your mind is unhappy right now, so just keep doing your work with full faith as this is going to pass soon.
-Keep your anger under control as it has the capacity to hurt your own interests.
-Avoid the temptation to do anything wrong legally, be it taxes or any other government body.
-Listen to Om Namah Shivaye for clarity and peace.

-Professional distress may be on the cards. Do not take sudden actions regarding work and follow the boss’s orders completely.
-Deal with home affairs calmly as there may be situations trying your patience.
-You are full of enthusiasm as your looks & love life is good.
-Listen to Om Namah Shivaye daily for protection and wealth.

-Keep your focus on improving your core skills as some gains are on the cards.
-Keep your energies grounded and focussed for professional success.
-Short travels are on the cards and spirituality is high promoting good luck.
-Listen to Vishnu Sahastranam daily for protection and peace.

-Lots of hard work will produce good results increasing wealth & assets.
-Take care not to burnout in the process. Keep a balance in work & rest for good health.
-Income is stable but be vigilant of unnecessary expenses.
-Listen to Hanuman Chalisa for strength and good luck.

-Positive changes are on the cards. Thought process and eating habits are in for an overhaul.
-Watch your income as sudden expenses may crop up.
-Hard work is still the key to success in business.
-Listen to Laxmi Suktam for monetary success and peace.

-Good professional success is on the cards.
-Avoid the urge to argue at home for peace as your business partner or spouse can be source of great strength for success.
-Health has to be watched very carefully and all precautions have to be taken.
-Listen to Vishnu Sahastranam daily for peace and prosperity.

-Strong monetary gains are indicated, though higher studies or education may be difficult.
-A raise or promotion is seen but mind is troubled.
-Keep doing good work with dedication for success.
-Listen to Saraswati Mantra for prosperity and peace.

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