Energy Cleansing

We all have energy around our body, it is called our Aura. This Aura changes with our thoughts and also with the people we interact every day. This energy field is very important for our wellbeing. When we have too many negative thoughts or meet unpleasant people our aura gets dirty. This has to be cleaned so that we do not fall sick and also to stay positive. Here are a few simple ways to clean your aura and enlarge your energy field.
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Take a salt bath. Put 5 tablespoons of kitchen salt in a bucket of lukewarm water and take bath. You may or may not take a head bath with salt. While pouring the water down your face, imagine that all the negativity is going out of you. You may take a plain shower after this.

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Using your fingers as a comb, comb through the space surrounding your body. Start from the head and continue downwards till your toes. Now wash your hands to get rid of all the collected energies.

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Use wind to get rid of negative energy. Run in the wind and free your mind of all thoughts. The more you run the better you would feel.

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On a grassy lawn, stand barefoot and give your body a spin. Now stretch your arms out and go on spinning till u feel light and happy. This is for losing the bad energy attached to your body.

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Take a bunch of peacock feathers and shake the energy near your feet first. Keep moving them all around your body till you reach your head.

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Use aroma oils or smells around your body to free your aura.

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Now to increase your aura, you should sit down and meditate on your Ishta Deva with specific chants or beej mantra.

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Chanting of “OM” from your navel chakra for few minutes daily will make you a very positive happy person.

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