How to get wealthy ?

April 29, 2017

By Annu Sachdeva

How to get wealthy ?

Our mind is a very powerful tool. What we see and hold in our mind materialises. So here are few things you can do to get wealthy-

Always keep your surrounding clu­tter free to keep your mind free.

Use cleansing techniques I mentioned in wellness & positivity section.

Do regular chants to increase your aura.

Now your mind and body is ready to receive the abundance of all kinds from nature.

Put pictures of wealth all around you i.e. rich powerful people who are your idols or currency, dollars, or anything that makes you feel good.

Keep wealth symbols of Feng shui like sailing ship laden with gold, a wealth basket, money plant or anything that inspires you in your space.

Whatever that you sleep on grows is a strong formula of Feng shui.

Keep a red envelop filled with currency, taken from someone rich, under your mattress.

Keep pictures of Villas, Farm houses, luxury cars or jewellery, whatever that you want to own, in your bed box.

For these dreams to materialise, always keep your focus on them and on your ultimate goal.

Don’t think of anything negative and let the energy in you, blend with the cosmos.

Our mind is a very powerful tool so do not underestimate its power and think positive.

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