Jupiter the planet of wealth

Sept. 20, 2017

By Annu Sachdeva

  Jupiter the planet of wealth, wisdom and children has moved to libra , the sign ruled by Venus. They both are neutral to each other but are not very happy with each other, as Jupiter is the guru to Devtas and Venus is guru to Rakshas. Jupiter in this sign is not in a healthy state so problems related to money , children and general wiseness come to the fore. This affect is enhanced or reduced due to the natal chart of individuals but in general people may spend on luxuries, intoxication and wasteful things. Children will have to concentrate on studies or else their grades may fall. You may make wrong decisions regarding investment and hence create losses. But the signs gemini and aquarius would benefit greatly from Jupiter's aspect on them. Wherever these signs are placed those houses will give positive results as Jupiters aspect is like nectar, always beneficial.

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