What to check in kundli Milan for marriage?

May 4, 2017

By Annu Sachdeva

What to check in kundli Milan for marriage?

We all want to know what kind of spouse or partner we would get in marriage. For this we usually get our charts matched and if there are more than 18 gunas matching, the marriage is fixed.

This is not how charts are matched. Though gunas are important, they are not the only factor to be seen.

First of all we should check the longevity of both the girl and the boy, so that their married life is not cut short by any tragedy.

Compatibility in temperament is seen next for a long and happy life together.

All doshas are ruled out for any obstacle in marriage like bhakoot dosh, nadi dosh and gana dosh.

Sometimes these can be propitiated by prayers but it is important for them to be nullified before marriage does take place.

Mangal dosh occurs when mars is in 1st,2nd,4th ,7th,8th or 12th house of either the girl or the boy.

To rectify this both the parties should have mars in these houses only from lagan, moon or Venus.

This dosh can give problem in various ways and can hurt their finances, compatibility or give health problem to either one of them.

The whole purpose of marriage is to have healthy children who would keep the marriage bond strong and look after their parents in old age. For this the charts of both the girl and the boy are analysed and suitable remedies given in case of any problem.

A girl’s chart is also analysed for the kind of luck she would bring. Would she be a home maker or a home breaker? Would she make her new family her own and treat her in-laws as her parents. Does she have a sweet speech etc

In a boys chart, his professional strength is seen. Will he be able to earn well for his family? Does he have strength of character and good health?

Do check all these parameters while getting kundli Milan done. It would save you a lot of unnecessary problems later.

Though marriages are made in heaven but we all can use our free will to have an easier life path and live happily with our life partners for many many years……………..make use of this super science in the correct manner and have a blissful life ahead

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