What should we look for in our marriage horoscope matching?

Aug. 1, 2018

By Annu Sachdeva

What should we look for in our marriage horoscope matching?

Marriage is beautiful emotion and bonding of like-minded individuals. This is the foundation of our life on earth as majority of our life is spent in this partnership. Normally we just go to a temple priest or an astrologer to match the janampatri of the boy and the girl. They tell you that these many gunas are matching and you can go ahead with marriage. But does anyone ever tell you the nature and temperament of either the boy or the girl according to their kundli. Why is this important you may ask? Will I have a love marriage or an arranged marriage? Can I know my time of marriage according to my kundli? From a girls angle we need a person who has a stable profession, financially capable of handling his family’s needs and a balanced temperament. This gentlemen should be of a good character and physically healthy. His speech, conduct and behaviour should be of a civil society. Why I am making this point is because lots of marriages go through lots of trouble because of incompatibility and financial and emotional trauma due to indiscipline of the man. A boy needs to see whether the girl would be a good fit in his household in terms of her nature. A sweet temperament with good dhan yogas are a big plus. Her chart would reflect the kind of children she would have and her nurturing qualities as a mother. If she is a career woman, then the span of her career with the level she can reach is reflected in her chart. So the years old tradition of just matching the charts in terms of Gunas is passé. We need to take a more informed and deeper understanding of the person we are associating with for life, as our happiness depends on it. An unhappy person is no solace to anyone and since a family more or less goes through the same circumstances a girls happy phase can tide over the bad phase of the boy and vice versa. A happy couple have happy and stable children. An emotionally content person has a better productivity quotient. A kind of ripple effect is created when you make the correct decision of marrying the right person. This institution of marriage has a span of more than 50 years in our total life. So don’t you think you should spend a few more minutes in going to the right person and taking a more informed decision for your life? An informed and systematic approach to such an important event in your life is really important. To know more, you can mail at astrologer.annu@gmail.com or whatsapp me at +91-9313103339.

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