Secret of a happy marriage

July 23, 2017

By Annu Sachdeva

Marriage is very important milestone in our life. But in the current scenario there are many ways of doing so. Would you elope with someone or would your live in partnership convert into marriage? Will your partner cheat on you while continuing to stay married to you? Your birth chart tells all this along with whether you have excessive sexual urge or lack of it. All this is indicated in the natal as well as relevant varga charts. You can rectify this to some extent by your free will and an advance knowledge of your own shortcomings.

Another problem is of no sexual desire. Saturn is the planet which supresses the sexual desire and Venus gives sexual desire. When these two planets combine in navamsha, it gives almost no desire for sex.

Any deviation from normal is considered abnormal. This can create difficulties in your relation which can be fatal and any retrograde planets associated with the house of marriage can spoil it. Mars and Venus if retrograde and associated with malefic Rahu gives abnormal desires.

So if it’s a normal arranged marriage then this desire factor has to be matched so that there is no problem later. Astrology is a boon in finding the shortcomings and matching the right partner with your basic nature.

Good relationships give happiness to us and this is reflected in our work place as well as in our persona. Any friction or unhappiness can bring down our aura and productivity resulting in depression and negativity.

Check out the compatibility and have a happy life with the person you love.

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