An astrological analysis of Corona Virus

March 31, 2020

By Annu sachdeva

An astrological analysis of Corona Virus

We start this from the beginning, Saturn the planet ruling the common man or in a way mankind, moved from the sun sign
Sagittarius to Capricorn on Jan 24 th 2020. Saturn is the slowest moving planet in the entire zodiac, as it takes two and a half years to
move from one sign to another. What is so special in this year’s transit you may ask? The special thing is that Capricorn is Saturn’s
own house and it has reached here after 30 years. Movement of Saturn has always had far reaching consequences for every individual as the phenomenon of Sade Sati (seven & a half Year) and Dhaiyya with kantaka Shani and Ashtam Shani, terms commonly used by astrologers when Saturn transits in the fourth and eighth house from your natal moon (where your moon is in your birth chart/horoscope) occurs in individual charts.

Saturn stands for our profession and also our karmas. In kalpurush kundli Saturn owns the 10 th and 11 th house. Kalpurush kundli takes Aries, the first sign of the zodiac as its starting point and ends at Pisces which falls in the 12 th house. So coming back to the 10 th house, it is the house of karma-profession and karma of good and bad deeds done by us in the past. It shakes both our profession and our longevity whenever it enters Capricorn.

Saturn also owns Aquarius, the 11 th house of our horoscope. This house is also the house of disease and delays, it being the 6 th from the 6 th house of disease. This house also stands for income and gains of all monetary things. So Saturn becomes the torch bearer of our work, income, past deeds, profession and lifespan. Saturn is the biggest marak or the most malefic planet to inflict sorrow, pain and death on humankind.

The result of transit of Saturn starts manifesting even before the actual movement happens. This explains the manifestation of corona
virus in November in China. It was a time bomb waiting to happen.

Jupiter the biggest saver was left behind in the sign of Sagittarius when Saturn moved its position. This kind of made Saturn extremely malefic in Capricorn as it was in a 2/12 position with Jupiter. To aggravate the situation on the transit day it was seen that Sun, moon and mercury were present in Capricorn sign. Sun is the main source of heat and produces fever whereas moon is a watery planets producing cold. A combination of these with mercury the planet of nervous system was a deadly mix. On 22 nd march the situation further deteriorated when Mars (another malefic planet and also the lord of 8 th house of longevity in kalpurush kundli) joined Saturn in Capricorn. They would be on the same degree on 31 st march.

The month of April resonates with the energy of a negative Saturn. Though the planet Jupiter joins this combination and does give some protection but it is also the lord of 12 th house of loss of life, hospitals and expenditure. The only way out is to go in isolation, that is the only protection as the malefic conditions are set to escalate dramatically if not followed.

After first week of May things may seem to become better but from 17 th may again corona cases may increase. The entire phase of June and July could be mentally very stressful. The month of August is again the month of Saturn and has to be watched carefully. Things would start getting in control in the month of September. So corona virus is not to be taken lightly at all.

But the intensity of corona virus is different for all individuals. It all depends on every individual horoscope and its capacity to fight the
virus. Whether this is fatal for you or are you susceptible to fall under this infection is clearly seen in your horoscope.

For protection from corona virus and to build your immunity pray to your Ishta Devta and listen to Sri Vishnu Sahastranam mantra daily.

Our Ishta Dev is decided by our birth chart and if you do not start your prayers by bowing to your Ishta Dev the other prayers do not
give the desired results. In these stressful times I can help you to know your Ishta Dev. Send me your date, time and place of birth on
whatsapp number and I will let you know.

You can reach out for a complete analysis of your birth chart too. This will give you a better understanding and protection of your
mental & physical health in these stressful times.

Doing charity of food for workers is another way of appeasing Saturn. So donate generously in Prime Ministers relief fund and improve your peace quotient.

Om Namoh Bhagwate Vasudevaya Namah !!!

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