Prediction for the year 2024

Jan. 3, 2024

By Annu Sachdeva

Prediction for the year 2024

Another new year is here, but with a difference. This is a year of transformation (in many ways) as the period 9 starts on 4th February 24 for the next 20 years.

Since I use astrology, western numerology & Chinese astrology & numerology to analyse, my inputs are a mix of all of them. I will try to explain the why between all my observations. So here goes a generic synopsis of all that may occur or you need to be aware about.

At the end I would be using the western zodiac sun signs to predict this year’s major events. Though these may not be completely accurate as we have our birth charts which vary from one person to another but still you may get an idea of what to be careful about & what is good this year.

Since period 9 is ruled by the Martian planet Mars, it promotes war & war like situation. Lots of changes will come in the world, but the energy of unrest & turbulence will be dominant throughout the year. Mars is the commander in chief amongst the 9 planets, but sometimes wars are important to solve issues which are not being solved by soft talks.

But emotions must be kept in check as it would interfere with your logical thinking. This means that your heart will interfere in the matters relating to business & relationship leading to errors in judgement. This may result in losses of money or relationship, so be careful of taking quick decisions.

If you have your sitting room in the centre of the house, avoid that area to discuss family issues as things may escalate instead of being solved.

But couples who work together will get business luck converted into commercial deals. Creativity being ruled by the husband & wife putting the ideas into action will bring wealth.

This year totals to number 8, which in western numerology is ruled by Saturn, a planet giving pain & karmic results. But in Chinese numerology this number brings wealth of the highest kind. To get your own personal number, add your date of birth to the month that you were born in & add that to 8 of 2024. For eg – If your date of birth is – 15 March then your number for this year would be 1+5 +3+2+0+2+4=17 =8

This number would get you wealth this year (8). We all have a total from 1-9, with 1 being the beginning & 9 being the end of the cycle. Will explain this with a short explanation-
1 is birth or beginning of a new cycle. It could be a new business or idea germinating.
2 is the zone where idea takes a concrete shape & you start moving forward with a definite mission.
3 is spreading this business idea & letting the world know that you are in the market for serious business.
4 is getting down on your knees & working hard as you are bombarded with work.
5 is when you start getting noticed by the right people & money starts coming but there is still more to achieve.
6 is the year when you taste success & blessings from heaven flow to give you a sense of achievement.
7 is to give you a slight break so that success does not go to your head. It is a year of scolding where you need to see before you leap.
8 is wealth in real sense coming to you in the form of money, position & power.
9 is the end of the cycle where you need to let go of things, emotions, patterns & position. So, 9 is a number which gives you the highest position but also teaches you to let go otherwise you will be asked to leave, as a new cycle must begin with new learnings & new innings.

Coming back to the year 2024, it has the potential to make serious money, so stock markets & mutual fund investments would shine.

Since 8 is the number of planet Saturn it has the potential to give you karmic gains earned in your past. But what gives can also take away, so being conscious of your decisions is important too. Saturn is very partial to honest & hard work done with humility.

Though overall protection is there but major health problems may crop up post July 2024. Children have the potential to do well in studies provided their focus is retained. Too much distraction is around them this year. So, a call to all the parents to help children excel in studies by providing the right environment. Elderly Parents also must be looked after by their children as it may become karmic otherwise. Saturn is especially partial towards all mothers, so look after your mom if you want peace & happiness this year.

Aries- Keep your anger under control to gain due to good luck. Your wealth quotient is high this year but keep your valuables under proper lock & key.
Prayer – Aditya Hridya Stotram

Taurus - If you are looking for a partner, this year promises to be good. But be honest in your relationships to have a happy union. Spend carefully as you may spend more than you can afford.
Prayer- Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam

Gemini - Put your overthinking mind to rest as being creative will get you more success. Channel your energy to get new ideas for business & stop worrying about money.
Prayer- Saptashloki Durga

Cancer - Your focus is on earning more money this year but be mindful of the government agencies. Keep your paperwork orderly to avoid penalties. Your attention is also on your partner, more than usual this year. Mind their health as that is where they need attention.
Prayer- Hanuman Chalisa

Leo - You will focus on your children this year. They may bring you laurels but watch your speech as relationships in general are a little fragile this year.
Prayer- Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam

Virgo - You seem to be focussing on your property matters this year. But do due diligence before taking a decision. Things will tend to work in your favour so have faith.
Prayer- Om Namah Shivaye (108 times)

Libra - You would need to work hard to keep a balance this year. Your overworked subconscious mind may make you tired, but you have money & protection this year.
Prayer-Om Namah Shivaye (108 times)

Scorpio - Your focus is on your partner & money luck favours you in the second half of 2024 more than the first half. Stop worrying about your assets as you are in good space but keep your speech soft to avoid relationship issues.
Prayer - Narayan Kavach

Sagittarius - Focus on your work to get sudden gains. Luck favours you with lots of energy & go getter attitude. Just do not burn yourself out & get enough rest. Keep calm to work at your optimum best.
Prayer - Hanuman Chalisa

Capricorn - Brace yourself for a slightly tough start but things will ease out after July. Time to break some patterns to move ahead with peace. Have faith & do prayers regularly.
Prayer - Shri Laxmi Suktam

Aquarius - Your hard work will pay handsomely this year. Keep your emotions under check & avoid unnecessary arguments. Protect your marriage as lot of external influences seem to be there.
Prayer - Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam

Pisces - You seem to be on your own trip this year. Lots of activity on the work front but money will flow better after mid-year. Consistency in work would lead to good results but refrain from spending more than you can afford.
Prayer - Om Namah Shivaye (108 Times)

Overall, a very good year provided you take due precautions & stay safe. You can also write only 24 instead of writing 2024 as 24 totals to number 6, ruled by Venus whereas 2024 is number 8 ruled by Saturn. But it must be seen from your horoscope what works better for you, as a personal reading is more accurate with specific remedies.
Wishing all my readers a very Happy New Year !!

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