Everything You Need to Know About Astrology

Oct. 2, 2020

By Malavika Sacchdeva

Everything You Need to Know About Astrology

‘One Hope’ of the world is philosophy and other Astrology- for most of the sorrows the modern life or society is gripped in. No individual can succeed nor can a nation attain true greatness until it has formulated an adequate philosophy and dedicated its existence to a policy consistent with that philosophy called Astrology.

Astrology is as old as the Vedas themselves. In ancient India, sincere seekers of truth and knowledge used to spend years with their ‘Gurus’ to understand the essence of Vedas. In order to understand the hidden meaning of Vedas, the study of certain subjects is pre-requisite. These subjects are called 'Vedangas’. There are six Vedangas as follows:

    • Shiksha
    • Chhanda (lyrical utterance of vedic sutras)
    • Vyakarana (grammar)
    • Nirukhta
    • Kalpa (understanding sutras and the use of mantras)
    • Jyotisha (astrology)

Astrology is considered as one of the most important parts of Vedangas.

So, What is Astrology?

Astrology is a scientific study of planets, stars and other heavenly bodies. The horoscope is mapped on the basis of astronomy and mathematics. The specific placement of planets in a horoscope indicates specific happenings in the case of individuals or nations.


Astrology: A science or a Pseudo Science

Many people say that astrology is nothing but a pseudo science or a belief in superstition. According to them, physical sciences depend upon cause and effect relationships which astrology lacks. They fail to see that astrology is a cosmic science and not bound to the laboratory. In physical sciences the cause and effect are visible but in the case of astrology the cause is always subtle but the effect is predictable according to the rules which have been developed and refined over centuries.

Astrology is a complex science and making correct predictions is really difficult and demands hard labour on the part of the astrologer. Many a time, a failure of an astrologer to give right prediction is often misinterpreted as a failure of the science.

By definition, science means systematic knowledge attained by experiment and observation, critically tested, examined and brought under general principles. Astrology fulfills all these criteria.


Supreme Court Judgement

“A petition sent to the Supreme Court of India stated that the introduction of astrology to University curricula is a giant leap backward, undermining whatsoever scientific credibility the country has achieved so far”. In 2004, the Supreme Court dismissed the petition, concluding that the teaching of astrology did not qualify as the promotion of religion. The court also stated that astrology makes predictions by studying the supposed influence of the relative positions of the planets, the sun, the moon and other stars on human affairs. As astronomy is pure science and since astrology is based on the study of the movement of sun, moon and planets, it is considered as a science.


Karma and Astrology

Every human being is the sum total of one’s physical, mental and spiritual actions of past and present. No human being can live on earth without performing any actions.

Astrology is based on the cause and effect relationship. If there is an effect, there must be some cause associated with it. If a person performs an action today, he may receive the fruit of that action immediately or after a longer time period. Karma done in one birth can also manifest in the subsequent birth.

Astrologer can help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. He can tell you which God to pray to and give some remedies for your problems. Since mantras have immense power, it helps you overcome obstacles with ease.

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