Rahu In Pisces - How this transit will impact you ?

Nov. 26, 2023

By Annu Sachdeva

Rahu In Pisces - How this transit will impact you ?

Lots of things have happened this year starting with the transit of Saturn in January followed by the transit of Jupiter& now at the end of the year Rahu is all set to move from the zodiac sign of Aries to Pieces on 29 November 2023

Though the effect of the transit are already there, it will peak on 29th November. So few words of caution & precaution are given for your perusal.

With this a new cycle of 18 years starts for Rahu. This same transit will now occur in 2041 AD.

Coming back to the current scenario, Rahu is better off in Pisces than Aries as Aries brings out the fiery side of Mars, its ruling planet, whereas Jupiter is more tolerant & brings out a milder side of Rahu. Having said that, pls do not take it lightly as a malefic is like its name- a negative with potential to harm your interests.

Rahu in the 12th house of the zodiac will give health problems related to your bones. So lack of calcium, low bone density & fractures may be common.All this will be modified by your personal horoscope & dasha running though

Here Rahu may also give you mental abnormality or false confidence leading to huge losses.

Eyesight may also be affected & metaphorically too you may not be able to see a situation clearly. False pride or ego may take away more than money or health. Intoxication of any kind is a possibility with huge consequences to relationships.

Rahu here will also give you insomnia & a feeling of unknown fear of any loss.

Now to give it a slightly positive touch, Rahu in the house of Jupiter is open to learn new lessons. Here it is a karmic planet which can help you in the field of deep research or anything requiring intricate thinking.

Keeping yourself open to new ideas or suggestions is a good way to move forward.

Try to speak with more compassion as the speech may go harsh & karmic debts created.
Praying to Lord Krishna is highly recommended

Helping beggars or desolate people in distress is good.

Help can be given in the form of food, clothes & medicines.

Donating oil & jaggery too is considered good.

Helping others may come in many forms, even kind words or giving your time to the needy is appreciated.

Since Rahu is a Karmic planet, some past accounts are settled & we learn our life lessons

Compassion , kindness , charity & prayers will take away the pain & create positive changes

This intensity of this movement will be different for different individuals based on their rising ascendant & also on the yogas formed in their personal horoscope.

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