Importance of Different Zodiac Signs in Your First House of Horoscope

Feb. 25, 2021

By Malavika Sacchdeva

Importance of Different Zodiac Signs in Your First House of Horoscope

The First House in a horoscope is considered to be one of the most important houses as it represents the body, its form, complexion, personality and beginning of life. This house shows your overall life pattern. The person’s characteristics are like the sign of the house. It is said that a person rises in life in proportion to the strength of the first house lord (Lagna lord). In this blog, we have taken general qualities of signs in the first house of horoscope.

Aries: The first house of the zodiac is hasty in taking decisions and is ruled by the martial planet Mars. It is the head of the Kalpurush i.e. it is an imaginary person which personifies the 12 houses of the horoscope. Now fighting for the right cause is justified but not understanding the topic in haste would result in wrong decisions. This implies to Aries very well as they can go wrong in analyzing the situation and want to settle everything with manual force. Mars is the commander-in-chief of the planets and does not miss a chance to fight anyone and everyone. Even Sun the king is hesitant to get in a confrontation with Mars so you can understand the plight of other planets.

Arians are good in the army or any force which fights anything. But their life is also a fight as they have to endure much more than other signs. They have to protect themselves from head injury and blood disorders. Their Lord Mars exalts in the 10th house (Saturn ruled Capricorn), this shows that it has the courage to reach its deepest exaltation in another malefic house.

Taurus: This sign in the first house makes the person lucky as it is ruled by Venus the giver of luxury. These people are endowed with all material comforts and are the lucky souls in more ways than one. They are beautiful and maybe good singers or dancers. They appreciate the finer things in life and love to have a good ambiance around them. Even the most malefic planet Saturn becomes an unconditionally good planet for them. But as their sign bull suggests they are easy-going only up to a point and beyond that they too have the power to defeat a lion if need be. So don’t try to push them around beyond a certain point.

They don’t accept new ideas easily and tend to be stubborn but love can overcome their inhibitions. Normally a very easy to get along with and definitely not a fighter like an Arian they are nevertheless strong adversaries.

This sign rules the face and since Venus is their lord, their skin shines. They are prone to diabetes and bad teeth problems. Venus the lord of Rakshasas exalts in the house of Devguru Jupiter so they are very wise too.

Gemini: This party-loving dual personality is fun to be with. It is very interesting to see the personality change from one person to another in a Gemini ruled person. They can be serious thinkers to a completely nonstop chatterbox in few seconds. But beneath this facade of a child-like personality is a very shrewd thinker, so don’t be fooled by their simple manners. Gemini belongs to the planet Mercury (a child of 14 years) with the same amount of attention span which makes it difficult for them to commit to anything. They love their freedom and see a fault in their lover even when they are in the middle of a committed relationship. But they as a rule don’t confide in others as they have their twin self and more or less keep their inner thoughts to themselves. They are prone to overthinking but as their sign is mercurial they can hide their tears too. Their indecisiveness can be aggravating at times but they are seriously confused. So these children of the universe need our sympathy. This sign rules the shoulders and the arms. Mercury their lord exalts in his own sign of Virgo (brain) and they have a very youthful appearance all their life.

Cancer: Cancerians are the emotional baby craving for love & support always. They are the mothers of the world and food is on their minds always. So, they make a very warm host (of course looking for appreciation) who wants to feed the world. This sign is the food bowl of the world and rules the agricultural products in totality.

Since these people are ruled by the moon, they have phenomenal mood swings (as the moon waxes and wanes every month). Generally, these people are very beautiful and have round faces. These people love to save or hoard money in every way possible. These super emotional beings are kind to the core but may sting occasionally as it is in their nature (crab sign). They love to hang on to people, objects, and money emotionally and are dejected when anything is separated from them. They are happy near sea as water is their element. They are extremely happy in their homes and are very loyal partners. They tend to have round waists as they are emotional eaters & yes stomach is a weak area for them medically.

Leo: Leo is the king of all signs as no one can challenge the strength of a lion. They are the kings or in other words leaders in every sphere of life but if they are denied this they can get extremely cranky. Let me explain this with an example, suppose Leo does not hold a high position  but still wants everyone to look up to him with respect, and sometimes it may not happen and this makes them extremely annoyed. They have a lot of self-respect and dignity but at times it converts into ego, a slightly negative trait. But nevertheless, a king is a king and they are great leaders and very ferocious opponents. Their element is fire so colour red and orange resonates with them.

They are calm and lazy but can spring into action quickly so don’t get taken in by their slow movement. But the head wearing a crown is a lonely soul so they have few friends. Leo rules the heart so that needs to be kept safe as other signs can sometimes not handle its royal behaviour leaving him heartbroken. But a lion is not made to follow anyone so they show as it did not affect them but underneath they are sulking. Their weak areas are eyes, bones and heart. They are the most respected of all signs and ruled by Sun the king of planets.

Virgo: Virgo is represented by a girl, so all the finer qualities are very evident in this sign (whether girl or a boy). They are absolute genius as Mercury its lord exalts here. They are very sweet talkers but like neatness a lot. Even a bad hairstyle can be jarring for them so their spouses or partners should not be careful. They crave a love relationship and would go all the way for this. Their mind is brilliant and they have a lot of interest in mathematics and astrology. Their life partners are bulky but very wise. But since they are ruled by Mercury they too have a child-like charm just like a Gemini, another mercury-ruled sign. Their element is earth so their thoughts are fixed and they can be stubborn.

This genius can be a flirt by nature and could cause ripples in his relationship. Their health concerns could involve the lower abdomen, skin ailments, and stress related mental problems. They have an innate charm with shining face. Green is their colour and wearing this can improve their luck factor. Diamonds are good for them.

Libra: This is one of the best signs to have in your 1st house. In this Venus is the ruling planet, giving luxury and comfort. Saturn is a friend of Venus and gives his full support in making them rich and happy. These people have a very high sense of right and wrong and that makes them slow to make decisions. Their thoughts are another thing altogether as they tend to think negative and unnecessarily feel tense. They are happy with all the modern-day vices like drinks, pubs, clubs and entertainment of any kind. They are the happiest when shopping and anything that increases their attractiveness draws them like a magnet. Librans love to fall in love and are the happiest when they do. They are rare signs where they can wear colour black and feel upbeat.

They should wear silver and the colour peach and pinks make them glow. They belong to the air element hence they are more sophisticated than the other signs. They should be careful of any liver ailments due to bad eating habits.

Scorpio: This sign is ruled by the planet Mars and is a wiser Mars than an Aries ruling Mars. Scorpio person is very intense in his/her emotions and can be very volatile making it a lethal combination.

But they are great workers and are committed in love. Their spouses are very attractive. They love their ancestral homes and all things from their past. They have memories stored like an elephant in their mind and they can hold revengeful thoughts. They don’t fight outright like an Arian but can sting you like a scorpion when the time is right. They do can cry like a baby sometimes as their element is water but never underestimate their strength. They hold on to their thoughts and emotions and can be very successful businessmen. Scorpios live under the ground so don’t expect them to air all their thoughts in public. They are highly secretive and this too adds charm to their persona. Blood related issues are common with them but mostly they have good health. Their good colours are red and white.

Sagittarius: This is a dual sign of Jupiter and extremely clever. They are very wise but very daring too. Adventure of any kind excites them and they thrive on this. Their speech can be honest to the point of brutality but they don’t have malice. They are very dignified like Jupiter (Guru of devtas) and command respect. Anger can erupt if they are not given due respect but it’s not a common trait. Their good colour is yellow and having this colour around them in any way keeps them cheerful. Alcohol consumption has to be kept under control as they are prone to liver problems. Mostly a very lively partner but too much of stress can bring down their energy and make them sick. They love their freedom and confinement of any kind makes them rebel. They love to gamble on life itself and seek excitement. Telling lies does not come easy to them and for this reason, they can’t keep secrets successfully. They are not ideal lovers as they fail to hold their partner’s hands sentimentally and their attention moves to the next thing on the menu very fast. They are very charming and are the life of any party.

They are very astute business professionals but if in service they are good in banking or financial line. They can be great lawyers and judges too as the judiciary as a whole is ruled by Jupiter.

Capricorn: They are the most hardworking and focused individuals on earth. Most of the other signs have their eyes on the stars but a Capricorn will look down and go towards his goal without flinching. They love history and have a lot of respect for age and the experience that comes with it. They rarely take a shortcut to success and this is the reason they enjoy more leisure when they themselves are old or reached a certain level of satisfaction in their personal life.

But this serious persona is attracted to its opposite in love matters. They appreciate the qualities they lack themselves & make mistakes in affairs of the heart. This sign is ruled by Saturn a planet of hard work and they never, as a rule shirk from the responsibility of any kind. But this serious-looking person does have his lighter moments too, but visible only to his close confidants. They usually have dry skin and bad teeth problems; in fact, they always as a rule have some crooked teeth. Unexplained pains in the body especially in the joints are a common problem. They are very good as leaders of the masses ie Ministers, Union leaders and Head of HR etc. Praying to Lord Krishna can give them immense peace and personal happiness.

Aquarius: They are high on the thoughts as this is an air ruled sign. There is a very fine line between a genius and a lunatic, and they with their forward looking thoughts sometimes give the impression of the latter. Ruled by the planet Saturn they are lazy and have a dry skin. They don’t hold grudges for long as they forgive and forget as soon as something else catches their attention. Opposite sex brings them immense luck and they are more affluent after finding a partner. As a rule, their better halves are very royal-looking or have a lot of dignity in their persona. But keeping up with them is a task for their spouses as they rarely stay with one thought for long and are not practical in mundane life. Aquarians should drink a lot of water and keep the extra thoughts calm in their mind for a healthy life.

They are extremely good as therapists and can calm a disturbed mind like magic. These sensitive beings are a boon to the world but rarely recognised in their lifetime for this quality. They are the most humane people around with lots of empathy for the disturbed souls.

They should use green and multicoloured in their surroundings for peace and health.

Pisces:: The last sign of the zodiac has the wisdom of all the signs prior to him. They can handle the aggressive energy of the fiery signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius), the stubbornness of the earthy signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn), the mentally active airy signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius) and the loony water signs (cancer & Scorpio).

The lord of a Pisces sign is Jupiter and it is the guru of devtas. In astrology, Jupiter stands for wealth and husband (for women). This sign needs to get respect for it to feel happy & contented. If Aries is the birth, Pisces is the end and these people are aware of the temporary state of material things.

But they have an inner strength that can withstand any jolts life can give. Their dual sign though sometimes makes them vacillate & they take time to decide on important issues. Their good colours are yellow, white & red. Using these colours in their surroundings keeps them cheerful. Since it is a watery sign they are attracted to waters of all kinds (pun intended) & put on weight. Eating light is good for them as their liver & spleen is a weak area medically.

They make excellent teachers & counselors of all kinds.

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