Top 5 things to do when you are quarantined

April 6, 2020

By Annu sachdeva

Top 5 things to do when you are quarantined

Here are a few things to do at home to make you feel more in control and valued in the current situation. They will not only make you more peaceful but also help you retain your wealth.

Salt Bath: Take a salt bath to get rid of the negative thoughts occurring in your mind.

How to do it?

Take a bucket of lukewarm water and add a handful of normal kitchen salt. Take bath facing your health direction and while doing so, think of all the negative thoughts leaving your body and going in the drain. This has to be done at a time when after the bath you can listen to your chants peacefully. The reason behind this is that you need to get a positive aura after emptying your negative energy. Having a salt bath can be repeated periodically. But you should do your daily chants uninterrupted even if you do not take a salt bath every day.

Declutter your surroundings: Start by cleaning your bedside drawer and then moving to your almirah, bookcase and your shoe rack. Just tidying your personal spaces gets your mind to work clearly. Working manually not only makes your house clean but it is also a kind of meditation.

Make a Wish Box: On any day except Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday, take a box (prettier the better) and add a stone (diamond, emerald, semi-precious stones coloured stones or even a pebble )to the box. It’s basically earth energy. Add some metal object of gold, silver or any other metal. Even our Rs5 coins will do (Whatever is available at home right now). Now add any red coloured item. It could be jewellery, imitation jewellery, red cloth or a red velvet paper. Green is the colour of money so add some currency notes, bigger the denomination better it is. For example: Rs2000 note is better than Rs500 and Rs500 note is better than Rs100 note. Just make sure that these notes are clean and are not crumpled. It would be even better if they are given to you by someone rich.

What to do next?

Now it’s time to get creative with your thoughts. Write down your three topmost wishes and write them in a way that they look fulfilled already. For example, my work is doing very well and I am very happy. Lastly, the quality and the shape of the box also matters and is different for every individual. For this you will have to contact me. The different shapes are round, rectangular, square, triangle and wavy. They could be made of metal, wood or stone.

You should ideally collect all these items after taking the salt bath and after doing your chants. Then on any Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday between 5.30- 6.30 A.M. assemble this box. Keep this box in your safe or in your almirah or in your box bed under your head. You should remember your wishes as then only the energy flows positively. The main thing here is to have your thoughts clear on the things you want. It should come from within your soul. We always get what we ordain so be careful and don’t wish for petty things. The idea is to go for the sky.

Feed the workers

Saturn the planet which is responsible for our profession, hard manual work and sorrow is at its destructive best right now. He wants us all to work like servants with limited lifestyles. So, to appease him get your hands and knees dirty. Work as a servant and don’t fight your circumstances as then he can give you a massive depression.

Giving food to workers is another way to make him go easy on you. Be calm and accommodating to be more peaceful. Don’t fume and fret as that would only make things worse.

Clean your kitchen and bathrooms: After cleaning your personal space get your attention to the kitchen and the rest rooms as the wealth of a home resides here. Keep both the areas clean and dry.

Keep the centre of your home lighted for 3-4 hours daily with preferably a warm light. Make time to take out your unused clothes and things. These things occupy not only space but also block wealth.

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