Feb. 15, 2018

By Annu Sachdeva


Every individual born in the years 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003 2015 are Sheep in chinese Astrology.

Sheeps are very creative, elegant and generous. They are gentle creatures, very kind and reserved. On the negative side they can be very insecure, lazy, clinging and pessimistic. 

Sheeps are day dreamers and they are very happy doing that cause they are weak in organisation. They can sit amidst all the untidyness they create around themselves and think about abstract thoughts all day long. Unorthodox religions or new age plays are more in sync with their nature.

They are very high strung creatures needing all the love and support of their loved ones. They are very conscious about their looks too and spend a few anxious moments looking after themselves lest their loved ones leave them. Ones they are sure of their love and understand that they wont go away, they are happy souls.

The most compatible match for them is a rabbit or pig. Sheep have a high sense of fashion and love to travel. They feel happy in simple things like a wonderful view, a beautiful object or an inspiring piece of music. 

Partners in love-

Sheep & Rat- You both are very different from each other. In the long run it will not work at all.

Sheep & Ox- You are better off as friends. Ox is impatient and Sheep wants to be appreciated all the time. Doesnt work.

Sheep & Tiger- A complete no go from the start. Sheep is a domestic soul while the tiger is temperamental and too strong for it to work.

Sheep & Rabbit- You both have a mutual respect , understanding and love for each other. This is a good match in every way.

Sheep & Dragon- A dragon is too adventurous for a Sheep. Its a moderately workable arrangement where both will have a trying time. Better to leave it alone.

Sheep & Snake-You are great friends and can be good lovers too.

Sheep & Horse- Love at first sight can turn into a great relationship as a Horse can provide the stability that a Sheep craves. 

Sheep & Sheep- You both understand each other perfectly. Wonder why?

Sheep & Monkey- You have ample differences but you admire each other. It is a workable partnership if you both want.

Sheep & Rooster- Too much work to be done to make it work. Forget it.

Sheep & Dog- A tiring union. Stay away for peace and sanity.

Sheep & Pig- A great union as your energies match to a great extent. Its a happy partnership go for it.

Famous persons born as Sheep-

Pamela Anderson

Jane Austen

Robert De Niro

John Denver

Mel Gibson

Mick Jagger

Bruce Willis

Nicole Kidman

Mark Twain

Success tips for Sheep-

Since you are sensitive beings, you are concerned about the reactions you may get if you stand your ground. You are worried about what others may think. You need to understand that you are the master of your own destiny and need to take control to gain success.

Be persistent even after failure to get what you want in life. Never be afraid to try again as failures are a part of life.

You tend to overthink and become pessimistic in the process, this has a negative impact on your personality. Remain positive and happy by thinking of success rather than failure as this will give you strength. Reflect more on your blessings and keep the negatives aside.

Stop being untidy as being methodical will give you more focus to reach your goal. Get informed advice and follow it step by step to gain control.

Sheeps need an inspirational figure to emulate for success. They like to follow the people they admire and its good for them.





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