Feb. 18, 2018

By Annu Sachdeva


Everyone born in the years 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 2016 is a monkey in chinese Astrology.

The monkeys are cheerful, fun loving and energetic beings. They can be reasonable, faithful, candid , successful and generous entertainers. Highly intelligent, individualistic, loving and very co-operative these individuals are fun to be around.

On the negative side they are hyperemotional, self-indulgent, immature, insecure and indifferent. 

Imaginative and humorous with lots of spunk, a monkey is one heck of a party animal. They just crave fun and can move  from one group of friends to other with ease. Forever upbeat, they are quite popular in their circle due to their sparkling wit and quick mind. They are good listeners too and tackle complicated situations with ease. Their natural curiosity makes them very knowledgeable on a wide range of topics. They are showoffs too and love to dazzle others with all they know.

The Monkey is the most versatile sign of the chinese zodiac. They can be inventers, plotters, entertainers or just creative geniuses and can master any subject with ease. They are reliable and can hold secrets of others, so its safe to confide in them. They are very honest in their dealings and work with full responsibility but try crossing a monkey and he would not let you escape.

Monkeys are confident beings and with their charm and persuasiveness, they can make people believe that just knowing them is a privilege. They are usually serene and content beings but usually manage to complicate the lives of others.

Partners in love-

Monkey & Rat- This is one of the best combinations possible, go for it completely with whole heart.

Monkey & Ox-They are compatible and stable and it can be a lot of fun though monkey finds an Ox little dull and an Ox can tell all the flaws of a monkey. A little restraint and it can work well.

Monkey & Tiger- You will drive each other crazy. Its not a compatible match.....just drop it.

Monkey & Rabbit- You are only good as friends not lovers. It wont work in the long run.

Monkey & Dragon- You share an amazing rapport with common goals and aspirations. One of the best matches. 

Monkey & Snake- Intellectually you strike a rapport but there are basic differences in nature. So can be difficult in the long run.

Monkey & Horse- You are good as friends but not as lovers. So just drop the idea.

Monkey & Sheep- Your differences can unite you. So depends on how much you want it to work.

Monkey & Monkey- Its a fun partnership as you bring out the youth in each other!!! 

Monkey & Rooster- Not an ideal romance since a monkey does not take orders and a rooster needs her questions answered. Both crave attention but fail to give that to each other. A little work is needed to make it work.

Monkey & Dog- You have a lot going for you. Both are well balanced and intelligent to make it work. 

Monkey & Pig- You both admire each other so even arguments can leave u sexually charged. Good combination go for it.

Famous people born as Monkey-

Johnny Cash

David Copperfield

Timothy Dalton

Tom Hanks

Diana Ross

Omar Sharif

Elizabeth Taylor

Julius Caesar

Leonardo da Vinci

Success tip for the Monkey

The monkeys are very quick and spontaneous so they always want quick actions and results. . If there are delays in rewards they lose interest and turn their attention elsewhere. However for success they should persevere and allow time to build up experience and skills.

Though they are bright they need to heed the advice of others, as they will not only learn in the process but win the support of others.

Monkey always lives in the present and not plan for the future. He should keep adding to his knowledge and skills to advance in life.

He should discipline himself more as he tends to scatter his energy in whatever takes his fancy. He should be more focussed to advance in life.


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